Considering Relocating?

Welcome to Arcata!

From its eye for environmentalism to its drive for design, there’s no denying that Arcata, CA is a unique place to visit and live. In fact, a passion for pioneering new ideas has made Arcata home to the first community owned forest in the United States, supported the creation of a state of the art aquaculture waste-water treatment system using the Arcata Marsh ponds, and established the first rural recycling center. This innovation doesn’t come at the cost of history though, and Arcata is also home to the oldest continually operating movie theatre in the U.S. and hosts the country’s oldest collegiate summer baseball team.

Helping to spawn new ideas and preserve history, Humboldt State University proudly makes Arcata its home. One of the oldest state schools in the California University system, HSU has overlooked Arcata since it’s founding in 1913, when it was called Humboldt Normal School. It has flourished with the town and now helps over 7,500 students to learn and grow, with many of them choosing to stay and enrich the community after their graduation. With small class sizes and personalized instruction, Humboldt State University is a positive place to get a world-class education at a public school price.

The quality of life in Arcata is high, which is a combination of small town atmosphere, a temperate climate, light traffic, and accessible open spaces. Generally warm winters and cool summers characterize the weather, with temperatures rarely rising above 70. The area has high humidity levels and fog can often be seen rolling off of the ocean to provide morning cloud cover. Average annual rainfall exceeds 40 inches, with most of that amount falling between the months of November and April.

Centrally located in Humboldt County, Arcata is the perfect starting point for your North Coast vacation. Its safe and friendly atmosphere makes Arcata the ideal spot to start or grow a family. To learn more about visiting or relocating to Arcata and for lots of information regarding things to see and do, be sure to make the California Welcome Center your first stop. You’ll find friendly staff, a wealth of pamphlets, guides, and maps, and a retail store with locally made crafts and goods to take home a souvenir.