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What is the Arcata Chamber of Commerce?

The Arcata Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization operating to enhance and improve the business environment in Arcata. The Chamber actively pursues new business opportunities for its members, and strives to make a tangible Return on Investment for its members. 

How does the Chamber Work?

The Chamber’s success is achieved by the involvement and participation of its members. The Chamber’s Board of Directors, who are elected by the membership, establishes the policies of the group and defines the goals and objectives of the organization.

Meet the Staff & Board of Directors  


From major industry to small retail shops, from South G to Valley West, the Arcata Chamber of Commerce constantly strives to create healthy and conscientious economic growth opportunities for our members. Being a Chamber member is one of the best ways of bringing new business through your front door. 

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Arcata Chamber of Commerce
1635 Heindon Road
Arcata, CA 95521

Phone: 707.822.3619

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